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Bellefield offers businesses a visionary way to work. Start with the contemporary offices - renovated with the latest technology and décor designed to inspire. Think juice bars, espresso nooks, room for foosball. The cool, out-of-the-ordinary amenities that make employees happy, and productivity more enjoyable.

Then step out to the natural environment, and explore the walking trails, say hi to the otters and eagles. See how peace and quiet lifts the stress from the hustle and bustle. Our bike share, kayak rentals, and fitness program rounds out an offering that’s so original, it inspires original thinking. Isn’t that the way work should be?

Updates & Events

Summer Outdoor Concert!

Date: Wed, August 30 - Wed, August 30

Time: Noon to 1:30 pm

Place: Cafe Overlook Park - North side of the Conifer Building

August 30 – Outdoor Summer Concert featuring the band Sisters!   Free admission! Grab’N Go lunches available for sale from the Mocha Café! Come enjoy a fun outdoor concert sponsored by Bellefield Programs and Bellevue's Downtown Association!                                                                                                               

Special Health and Wellness Seminars with Fitness Forward

Date: Thu, September 7 - Thu, September 14

Time: 12 - 1 pm

Place: Conifer Building - Meet in the Lobby

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH AT 12-1 PM Cost:  $10 per person Registration link:   Seminar:  BECOME A FAT BURNER!  BONUS:  5-DAY JUMPSTART CHALLENGE Description: Find out if you are a sugar burner or a fat burner with The WHOLESTIC Method Coach Debbie Potts.  Join our first seminar of The WHOLESTIC Method monthly series to help you burn fat, optimize your health and improve your performance for life and sports!  Learn how to change your body, energy level, moods, gut health and more with The WHOLESTIC Method and Nutritional Therapy.  Coach Debbie will explain how and why we need to eat the right mix of macronutrients (Carbs, Fats and Proteins) with nutrient dense whole foods to balance your blood sugar levels and get off the blood sugar roller coaster.  Join Debbie and learn more about how to improve your fat burning ability by activating your vagal nerve to digest your foods and to turn on your fat burning system.    Workshop:   Fat burner exercises you can do anywhere!  DATE:  THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 14TH 12-1PM Description:  Learn how to train with a heart rate monitor so you can maximize your workouts and become a fat burning machine.  The WHOLESTIC Method coach Debbie Potts will teach you have to train with a heart rate monitor, design a weekly training schedule, as well as the importance of working hard and recover harder for effective interval training and to improve post workout metabolism.  Bring your heart rate monitor (Bluetooth ideally) or order your own MYZONE heart rate monitor before our seminar via the link –      

BravePup's Puppy Therapy

Date: Thu, September 14 - Thu, September 14

Time: 11-1 pm

Place: Cafe Overlook Park - Lawn North of Conifer Building

We are so excited to welcome the BravePup Organization back to Bellefield for some Tenant Puppy Therapy sessions on September 14th from 11-1 pm Please send an email with your interest and the best time for you to attend. Like last time, we'll have (8) 15 minute sessions and will go to a lottery if we fill up quickly. These session are exclusively for our adult tenants only. During Puppy Therapy, our tenants get a chance to play with the newly rescued pups and help to socialize them so they can be successful in their pending adoptions. So, tenants are helping the puppies and the puppies are helping the tenants get some play time in their day. Win/Win!  

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